Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mosaic of Lulu

Lulu is almost 1 month with me.
She has been growing a few inches more and she is showing the posture of a mini pincher.
She barks very seldom even when there’s a stranger.
She already understands the words: sit, fot (shake hand), ball, raus (out).
She can be very naughty because she likes to bite stuff especially sandals and people’s hands although she is having those kind of artificial bones.
Sometimes she is still doing her “big & small business” inside the house. This is a challenge for my mom and me to train her.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Welcome Lulu...

I was on my way home when I stopped by at a veterinarian near my house to see on the white board whether there’s mini pincher for sale. Mom and I have been looking for mini pincher all this time.

This time, I guess I was lucky when I read on a small note “A mixed mini pincher puppy to be given free (only need to pay for the vaccination that has been paid for the puppy), please call 566-xxxx, Ibu Hambali.”

As soon as I reached home, I told my mom about the note. Directly my mom called this lady and she told my mom to meet her with the puppy at the veterinarian in 15 minutes.

Mom and I went to the veterinarian. We waited for about more than 20 minutes. Finally, the lady and the puppy arrived.

Oh… so cute, and totally this is not a mini pincher!!! Well, it’s ok… I fall in love directly with this little puppy and her melancholy face.

Boys and dolls, let me introduce my new puppy…. :)