Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ancol Beach - North Jakarta

Yesterday morning, Selby went with our neighbors for a morning walk on the Ancol beach, located in the North of Jakarta.
Good thing that she brought her digital camera along with her so she can share some pictures with us here.

Sunglasses only for US 1 (one dollar) per pair!!! Whoaaaa... that's really cheap!
It's really surprising that there are many people bringing their dogs walking in Ancol. Ah... how we wish that Selby can bring us there someday, it must be really fun.... *wiggles*

Uh oh...

These 2 puppies are Kintamani breed from the island of Bali - Indonesia.
Walking alone? Where's your mummy or daddy?

Isn't she cute?

A dog must take a shower after playing in the sand?

A guy cached a small fish! Good job!

The fisherman is selling fish on his boat.
Looks like that he's taking orders by phone, BOL

Monday, March 1, 2010