Monday, March 18, 2013


Yesterday morning, as soon as Grandma came back from the church, Grandma and Selby had their breakfast on the dining table. As usual, we sat around them on the floor and waited for our breakfast, the delicious white bread made by Grandma.

When Grandma gave a slice bread to each of us, they just realized that Vincent was not there. Grandma and Selby directly looked around for Vincent. They called and called his name but he didn't show up. The first thing that crossed their mind that Vincent was still outside the house's gate when he greeted Grandma after she came back from the church. It happened several times before when the gate house was open, Vincent liked to walk out the gate to see the surrounding and sometimes Grandma or Selby were not aware that Vincent was still outside and they just closed the gate.

So, back to the story, Grandma and Selby opened the gate, hoped that Vincent would be in front of the gate but he was not there. Both of them got very nervous and worry. Grandma asked some neighbors whether they saw Vincent but none of them saw him. Thus, Selby walked around the neighborhood to find Vincent. She called his name, looked under the cars that were parked on the streets, asked people around. Still, there's no sign of Vincent. She went back home starting to feel hopeless. When she entered the dining room, it came to her surprise. She saw Vincent was enjoying his breakfast! There're no words that could describe how she felt when she saw Vincent again. Her tears flowed directly on her cheeks, feeling so relieved.

Guess where Vincent was when Grandma and Selby were looking for him? Well... he was locked   in the family room. Earlier in that morning, after Selby cleaned the family room, she didn't realized it when she closed the door that Vincent was still in the room. Ah.. next time, they should search around the house first before getting worry about us *woof.. woof.. woof*

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jump Cookies!

Poor Bella.. she waited and waited... but unfortunately, not a single cookies jumped out of the jar :(