Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dogs & Cats

Selby is already back from America. She brought some pictures of dogs and cats that she met during her stay *wiggles*

This is Cole with his owner - Rebecca

Everybody loves Cole :)
Uh oh.. Selby forgot his name.
She met him when she was at the "Welcome Party BBQ"

This is Duke, he lives in a farm

Duke in the backyard

There's another BBQ party at Mr. Joe's house and Selby saw these 2 cats.

Mr. Joe with his cat

Btw, Selby also had a chance to visit a pet shop in a mall.

2 little cute dapple dachshund puppies

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A puppy in a glass box

Sorry for not updating our blog for such a long time because at the moment, Selby is attending a summer camp in America.

Anyway yesterday, Selby had her free time and went to a mall. While wandering at the mall, she saw a little puppy in a glass box for sale. It's interesting to see the way of how the pet shop is "advertising" the puppy that cost USD 50.