Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our blog is being "shot" award

Our blog received the "Shot" award. The meaning of this award is that this blog is worthy of being photographed. Thank you to Sedona that has passed it to us *wiggles*

The rules for this award are:

Post the badge on your blog and link to who gave it to you. Choose five life situations that could be repeated in slow motion and explain why. Tag a dozen blogs and let them know it.

The five life situations we would choose to repeat are...

1. Climb up the stairs every mornings when we hear Selby comes out from her bedroom, in order to greet her.
2. Follow Selby around the house, even to the bathroom and wait nicely for her inside there.
3. Chew anything that's on the floor, our favorite are sandals and also underwears that we stole it from the bathroom.
4. Chase those moving little creatures i.e: Adele likes to chase lizards and mice; Vincent and Bella like to chase crockroaches.
5. Nap on Selby's lap while she watches TV.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vincent being neutered...

* Warning: This is NOT a cute post and some pictures might be scary for some puppies or kitties.

Vincent's Grandma had made an appointment at the Veterinarian for Vincent last week but the Vet was so busy that she rescheduled it to this week. Thus, this early morning, as being scheduled, Vincent had his surgery. He was so brave and happy when I brought him to the Vet. Very proud of Vincent :)

Vincent on the Vet's lap.

The Vet and her assistant examined Vincent.

Vincent was so brave!
But Vincent started to feel nervous....

when Vincent got a shot.

The Vet and her assistant were getting ready to start the surgery.

So many scissors !?!?

Vincent started to fall asleep because of the anesthesia.

The Vet and her assistant were doing the surgery.

The surgery procedure. It's pretty fast, it took less than 15 minutes.
As soon as the surgery was done, I directly brought Vincent back home. For the first 30 minutes after the surgery, Vincent looked kinda dizzy and weak. He even vomited when he started to try to walk. I got pretty worried but.... after an hour later, Vincent is healthy back as normal as if nothing has happened to him, Good boy, Vincent! :)