Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adele got puppies!!!

Remember Bourbon - the pomerian dog which I took care last time for 10 days in my house?

Well, I forgot to tell that Bourbon "raped" Adele. No need a genius to figure it out what would happened after that....

Yup, Adele got pregnant! See how big her tummy is!

Yesterday, exactly 65 days, with the veterinarian's help near our house, Adele gave birth to 2 wonderful puppies :)

Mom has been a great helper for Adele. She really takes good care of Adele. Love you, Mom!!! Love you, Adele!!!


  1. That was what happened to my huskies. Both were rape by the own father. Luckily only one got pregnant.

  2. Hi Jason, OMD... raped their own father? Hopefully, it wont happen again in the future.