Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Excuse me...


  1. We Love your Puppy Site TOO...They are adorable. Your Dapple looks like a Sweety too. Thanks Selba !

  2. Hi MaryBeth, thank you so much for your compliment, it really makes my day :)

  3. Hehe
    You have a grrrreat blog!
    Thanx 4 stopping by my blog.
    It would be grrrreat if we could become friends.
    Love Travis!!!

  4. Hi Travis, nice to see you in here and thank you for you compliment :)
    I love the idea of becoming friends! I will add you in my blogrool.
    Hope to see you around!

  5. Thanks for visiting us. We thought we would pop by and see you. Loved the post! What a great face, full of expression!
    Must keep in touch.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  6. oh heeeheehee!
    Thanks for visiting me.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  7. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. We love your blog too. The little man just adores your dogs. Great photos! We would love to become friends and follow you and hope you would like to do likewise!

  8. Love your dog site! I don't think I found it before (I always commented on your other fabulous blog) ! What a cutie!!! :)

  9. Hi Martha & Bailey, so nice to see you both in here :) You are right, Bella got a full expression.
    Let's keep in touch! :)

    Hi Ludo, hope to see you around! :)

    Hi Blogdog, thank you for visiting us in here and also the compliment. Sure, definitely will also follow you :)

    Hi Andrea, glad to see you in here, hope you enjoy my dog blog :)

  10. Hi, thanks for dropping by. I love your blog, Bella is a cute dog with lots of attitude. I love your food corner blog too, will come back to read more.

  11. Hi Mango, thank you also for dropping by here and please come again :)

  12. What a sweet little face. Sometimes dogs only hear what they want to hear. :)

  13. Hi Jan, welcome to my dogs blog.
    Ah... you are so right, my Adele does it most of the time, hehehe...

  14. Hi Selba
    Adele and her puppies are adorable. We love Adele's markings, she is much more dappled than Penny.
    We would love to be friends.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  15. I'm adding "Selby and her dogs" in my blogroll. I wanna be updated about Adele and family's adventures :D

  16. Hi Selby,

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog. feel free to come to mine anytime you want, OK?


  17. Hi Ruby & Penny, thank you so much for your compliment. Yes, Adele is a dapple dachshund, funny thing that her puppies don't get her markings at all, hehehe. We would love to be friends too with you all :)

    Hi Angele, sure... sure..! Thank you for adding this blog to your blogroll :)

    Hi Homer, nice to see you in here! Definitely will drop by at your blog again, and in this case, I'll add you in my blogroll. Please come again :)

  18. Hi Selba!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Adele and her babies,Vincent and Bella, are so cute! I like your photos,too!

  19. Hi Matilda, welcome to my dog blogs! Thank you for your compliments. Hope to see you around :) *hugs*

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your blog. I want to be your friend =)


  21. Selba, thanks for visiting us and for helping us find your blog with such HILARIOUS photos. Those ears!!! If you put him on top of your television set I bet you could get satellite reception! Looking forward to following your blog!

  22. Hi Thor, we would be so happy to be friends with you :) Will add you into the blogroll!

    Hi Carolyn, nice to see you! Hahaha... never thought about satellite reception, that't would be a great idea to try, eh? :D

  23. So cute....thanks for making me smile and for visiting my blog! :)


  24. Hi Nala, so glad to see you in here! :)

  25. Terrific Blog and VERY Cute dogs

  26. Hi Checkers, welcome to our blogs, thanks for your compliment :)