Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vincent being neutered...

* Warning: This is NOT a cute post and some pictures might be scary for some puppies or kitties.

Vincent's Grandma had made an appointment at the Veterinarian for Vincent last week but the Vet was so busy that she rescheduled it to this week. Thus, this early morning, as being scheduled, Vincent had his surgery. He was so brave and happy when I brought him to the Vet. Very proud of Vincent :)

Vincent on the Vet's lap.

The Vet and her assistant examined Vincent.

Vincent was so brave!
But Vincent started to feel nervous....

when Vincent got a shot.

The Vet and her assistant were getting ready to start the surgery.

So many scissors !?!?

Vincent started to fall asleep because of the anesthesia.

The Vet and her assistant were doing the surgery.

The surgery procedure. It's pretty fast, it took less than 15 minutes.
As soon as the surgery was done, I directly brought Vincent back home. For the first 30 minutes after the surgery, Vincent looked kinda dizzy and weak. He even vomited when he started to try to walk. I got pretty worried but.... after an hour later, Vincent is healthy back as normal as if nothing has happened to him, Good boy, Vincent! :)


  1. Well done Vincent - you were very brave indeed. We both get kinda scared at the Vets!
    It looks a bit quicker if you are a boy dog than a girl dog as we both were at the vets for the day!
    Glad you are home and doing well. Dont scratch at your stitches now.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Hi Selba and Vincent!
    Wow! You were so brave! Well done,Vincent!

  3. OMD! So that is what getting tutored is like. No wonder Banjo didn't like it.

    Mom says, that Vincent's surgery was done differently than Banjo's. And we are shocked they let you stay and watch. That would never happen at our vet's office.

    Wags & wiggles,

  4. Let's hear it fur Vincent AND fur woo fur having it done!

    Tank woo fur sharing the procedure/etc as well!

    Happy Healing!


  5. What a very brave boy vincent is! I was not expecting there to be pictures of it!! wow! Poor guy.


  6. OMD - I don't think I needed to see that - is that what they did to me????? Can't believe you watched!!!!! and that they let you take pictures.....Vincent was very brave -

  7. Mum says that was very unusual that they let you watch and take pictures. Oh my cat, I say I didn't want to see what they did to . Ouch too pinful to watch. Glad that Vincent has got it over with and he is ok, he was very brave.

    Hugs GJ xx

  8. I'm sorry you had to have surgery, Vincent. Momma explained it to me so I understand that it was necessary, but it doesn't look like fun. I can't believe they had you tied down like that! Glad you are feeling better! ~Twix

  9. Glad to know everything went well with Vincent's surgery!
    He will be like new in no time!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. I'm glad you're okay Vincent but that sure didn't look like fun....OUCH!!! I hope you feel better real soon!


  11. how is Vincent doing? I hope he's feeling better!

  12. Hi Martha & Bailey: Yes, Vincent was such a brave boy :) Wow, you two had the whole day for the surgery? Wondering how the procedure is.

    Hi Matilda: Thanks, Matilda :)

    Hi Bijou: Oh.. the surgery was done differently than Banjo’s? In what term? Yes, the Vet let Selby to be there during the surgery procedure :)

    Hi Khyra: Glad to share the procedure :)

    Hi Lola: Yes, we were also quite surprised that Vincent was so brave :)

  13. Hi Checkers: It’s a privilege for Selby to see the surgery procedure. She wanted to be a Vet when she was a little girl, to bad that she couldn’t manage to chase her dream because of a few “bad” circumstances happened in her life.

    Hi GJ: Oh… sorry if the pictures are making you scare, Selby should put a warning on this post that there’re some pictures that might not nice to see.

    Hi Twix: They need to tie down Vincent in order to prevent him from having a move during the surgery which is very dangerous and we don’t want something bad happened. It might don’t look good to see it but it’s for the good reason :)

    Hi Lorenza: Yes, we believe so too, Lorenza.

    Hi Brind’Amour: Thank you, Brind’Amour :)

    Hi Checkers: Vincent is doing very well right now, like no surgery at all. Thank you for asking :)

  14. Scooby sends his fur love. He has just been through this. He said he is furry proud of Vincent fur being so brave :)
    Big licks to you

  15. Hi Suzuki: Thank you so much for passing the love from Scooby. How is he doing right now? Hopefully he is feeling much better than the last time after getting the surgery.
    Please send our love to Scooby too with a BIG licks!

  16. Hi Selby,

    Going by your pictures, mom says it looks like Vincent's little sac was removed entirely. Banjo's incision was higher up, at the base of his boy part. The vet took his testicles out through that incision, but left the sac. Does that make any sense? Mom made an x on Vincent's picture to show where Banjo was cut.


  17. I feel for poor little Vincent, I know he was a trooper but seeing his face and his legs tied down just makes me what to cry!!

  18. Hi Bijou, thank you so much for explaining more about Banjo's procedure and please tell your mom that I really appreciated her effort to show it in more detail through the picture :)

    Now, I'm wondering why the Vets are using a different method, what' the benefits or detriment of each method.

    Hi MaryBeth, yes, looking the pic of Vincent being tied down and his face, really made a heart ache. But don't worry, MaryBeth... the surgery went well and Vincent is doing very fine right now, he is already jumping, playing and also acting sweet naughty as usual :)

  19. Vincent was certainly being a big boy! What a good boy he is!

    Excuse me...what a good boy he WAS...

  20. Hi MM, Well, Vincent IS still a good boy :P

  21. Oh Vincent, you sure were a brave boy! Now I know where my manhood went! BOL! Thanks for the pictures!!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  22. Glad you made it through scary! I wonder if I was all sprawled out on the table like you when they did my surgery??? I don't remember a thing. ;)


  23. Oh my, those pictures made us light headed.
    We're glad Vincent is ok.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  24. Hey thanks for visiting our blog! Sorry it has taken us so long to visit yours.

    Wow, Vincent! You are so brave! And how cool that your mommee could stay with you the whole time! Here in the States we are not allowed to do that. Maybe they know that our mommee is not as brave as yours?

    We hope we can be furiends!
    Gus and Waldo

  25. Hi Bruschi, oh… the same thing also happened to you? It’s OK, our human are doing the best for us :)

    Hi Nala, you also went through the same thing like Vincent? The anesthesia is quite strong, Vincent also doesn’t remember anything about the surgery :)

    Hi Ruby & Penny, It’s a bit scary, ya?

    Hi Gus & Waldo, Welcome to our blog! Yes, it’s really a great privilege to be able have Selby beside Vincent during the surgery :) We would love to be furiends with you two, hope to see you again in here!

  26. Vincent you are such a brave boy! I had that done when I was little, so I don't remember it, but it makes me nervous just thinking about it!

  27. Hi Tuck, yes, thinking back again, it gives goose bumps! *woof woof woof*

  28. Very brave Vincent! And great for your mama to go ahead and have this done! Gentle hugs to you!

  29. Good for you Vincent, way to be strong! I will spend the rest of the week hunched over...

  30. Hi Adele, Vincent and Bella! Thanks for stopping by my blog - it's great making new friends!

    Poor Vincent - you were such a brave boy! I can't believe that the vet let your human stay to watch and take all those pictures - how nice of him!

    Hope you're all recovered soon, Vincent!

    Honey the Great Dane

  31. Hi Anne-Kathrine, Thank you for the gentle hugs *licks*

    Hi Life with dogs, uh oh... something wrong with your posture?

    Hi Honey, welcome to our blog!!! So happy to see you in here :) Yes, the vet is very kind so we have the documentation on what happened to Vincent. Thanks for the wish!

  32. I feel for Vincent. Thank God he's okay.

  33. Hi Laveena, thanks for your concern :)

  34. Poor Vincent! I hope he recovers soon!

    Thor xxx

  35. *pat Vincent*

    The vet allowed you to take photos of the surgery. Nice vet! Here, I know some vets that wouldn't allow it!

  36. Hi Thor, thank you... Vincent is already doing fine :)

    Hi Angele, yes, very nice and cooperative vet :)