Monday, May 10, 2010

A Harness

Selby bought a harness for Vincent because she would like to walk around with him in the neighborhood. It's totally new for Vincent. He isn't use to a harness or leash, thus he tries to bite the harness off and doesn't want to move at all, acting like a statue.

Can anyone suggest how to teach Vincent to walk with a harness?


  1. Our Dixie dog doesn't cooperate on the leash too well.

  2. We had that problem, too. We just kept trying a little every day and would have them come to us while we talked sweetly to them and then when they came to us we would give them a treat... we did that for awhile until they saw the leash wasn't too bad. It took lots of time... but we finally got it! (Ours prefer collars... they still get upset over a harness.)

  3. Hi Selby
    First let Vincent get used to the harness & leash. He can drag them around inside the house. When he is used to wearing the harness & leash and is comfortable with it, then you can start holding it and walking with him. Very short trips at first. Give him lots of treats & positive praise and he will be walking in no time.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. Practice, practice, practice....and while doing that make it a fun will pay off in the end!

  5. Lots of short walks and many treats should work.


  6. I think woo got lots of pawesome suggestions!

    Good lukhk!


  7. Just keep trying! He will love his walkies in no time!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. I think it's about three things:
    1) getting used to it
    2) motivation
    3) distraction

    We used regular collar with Jasmine for years. But when we found out she had some orthopedic issues in her neck, we switched to shoulder harness.

    With Jasmine it's easy. Whatever takes her outside is cool with her.

    I think introducing harness should be gradual and should be associated with good things. I would try putting on the harness for play or training session. That way there is enough distraction and motivation for the harness not being the most important issue at hand.

    I would do this for short periods of time. Association then can be made that having the harness on means fun times.

    If he's kept busy when wearing the harness, he won't have time to bite at it.

    I believe that once the positive association is made he will leave it alone.

  9. Vincent looks very cute in his red harness! I agree with the suggestions you have gotten so far - patience, little baby walks around the house, and lots of positive reinforcement and treats!

    A lot of puppies react the same way when you first put a leash on them and try to walk them, so it just takes time. They eventually get it.

    Good luck! Have fun walking around the neighborhood, Vincent!


  10. Agree with all the suggestions so far - baby steps: let the dog form positive associations with the harness & leash first (treats, praise, cuddles - maybe always put it on before you give her cuddles or play her favourite game) and no pressure - just get used to the feeling of having it on or dragging the leash behind her..

    Then slowly start to hold the leash but still don't try to pull her forcefully anyway - rather, try to get her to follow you, using your happy, excited voice and treats.

    Start all this training in your home/garden - don't go out for proper walks until she is very confident on the harness/leash and when she is able to follow you around well, then you can go out and start to introduce other distractions.

    Good luck!

  11. Vincent biting the harness off ! What a boy!
    I cooperated with the harness right at the first time 'cause I sensed my mom was gonna take us out for a walkie which she is always too busy or lazy to do.
    Have a good walk, my friend!
    Love y'all